Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Thief

Ram saw the kid at the last minute. The minute, the street smart kid had cut Ram's bag and ran away with the money into the maze of the nearby slum. The money which had all his dreams.The dream of his own plot and his own house was gone. Gone was all the money he was to pay the Hindustan Bank.

All hope was not lost, Ram realized.

Ram walked for an hour, to reach the police station. Nobody was around. A watchman\constable told that all the officers went to the blast site.
"Bomb Blast?" Ram thought aloud.
"Yes, there was a major bomb blast at the Hindustan bank 30 mins ago. 40 people including bank staff and bank customers are dead" came the reply.

Ram saw the street kid again - in his thoughts.
Confused if he has to thank or curse the kid.

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Sundar said...

aadadella olithe aithu
- Sundar