Monday, August 02, 2010

I lost my hair and football

It was a small quiz. A quiz in which I answered all questions, like many others. Luck was with me on that day. A lucky draw got me a football. The Euro 2008 football – Europass (from Adidas). 

It was a showpiece item in my home. It hung on the window bar in the living room for some days. After renovation, we put it in the attic for some days.
Then came the football world cup season. We woke he sleeping football. Put him in the car. As a show piece in the car, it hung near the rear glass (not sure what that is called!).
Yesterday went for a drive. Came home. Locked the car and went in. After 30 mins or so, came out. Went inside the car. The ball was missing. Theft. Nothing else was missing.
 The backdoor window was left open when we got down. So there was no break in. Just pickup and go.
 My dad usually sits in the front seat. Via the switches next to the driver seat, I close the windows (only the front ones are power windows in my car). My dad sat behind yesterday. No habit of closing windows. He closed the door and walked away leaving the window open.  
I hope that the football is in the place where it has to be…On the ground and getting kicked.

On the same day, I lost a lot of hair too. And this happened early morning when I was fully awake and aware. At the hair dresser’s shop! Long hairs were cut short. He he....

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Anonymous said...

Are you as bald as the football?