Friday, August 06, 2010

Visualize the songs of Endhiran

Rajnikanth in Enthiran
Rajnikanth’s next big movie is ready to hit the big screens. The music is already released.
After listening to the songs, I created a picture in my mind on how the shots would be shot. No doubt  Shankar will be very different in showing the Tamil super-star.
Just adding to the hype created around Enthiran \ Endhiran or Robot.

Pudhiya Manidha –  Slow motion group dances. Back ground some visually appealing studio settings. Wind blowing across and leaves flying (or even cars flying around). But Boss will be steadily walking. Focus on the shoes and camera moving up. Rajnikanth performing some cap, coat tricks. Graphics adding some glamour.

Kadhal Anukkal – Scientific lab background. Not the college lab kind, but the ones like CERN labs. Rajnikanth getting converted to photon-electron \ air molecules and entering Aishwarya’s heart and nerves (or she entering his). Silver or golden color suits. Clearly a duet and no co-dancers.

Chitti Dance Showcase – This is a complete, out & out, robot dance tune. The drill dance & bharatanatiyam & MJ dance & tap dance & Brazilian style & James Bond style walk. Its only Rajnikanth. But multiple Rajnikanth. I can hear whistles all over the place when this is played.

Arima Arima – Some kind of Maharaja’s entry. Like Egyptian style or Roman style or Indian style. Rajni will just look and move hands and change costumes. Aishwarya dancing around him. He won’t dance.  The synchronization of the co-dancers is a must watch. 

Kilimanjaro – This is the song which is shot in the background of the big mountains. Some old ladies and animals in the background. Frequent changing tribal costumes of Rajni will be attraction apart from the “never-seen-before” locations. Some tribal dance steps from the lead duo. Traditional drums and instruments will be used by co-dancers.

Boom Boom Robo Da – Hifi graphics. Some unimaginable stunts from the Robot will be the showcase of this song. Flying Rajni, driving Rajni, sailing Rajni, swimming Rajni can be seen. Shot in local streets to malls to palaces. Probably can see one Rajni tricking another.

Irumbile Oru Irudhaiyam – Rajni’s break dance here. Aishwarya also probably dancing like a Robot. Flowers, coolers, cars, lighting will be the attraction. This could be the least attractive song of the movie.


Sundar said...

When are u moving out of IT and into film industry?
- Sundar

Lost in thoughts said...

When you are ready to produce the movie.

Anonymous said...

Good one!!!!
I think your predictions will be almost close as I see it.
Now you may agree to the point that when you listen to a song, you not only listen but also visualise/imagine. The lyrics has its own effect even if one may not be able to understand it completely.

I am referring to the point when we discussed on the point that one could visualise 'Yeh Haseen Vadiyan' song of Roja even before seeing it. This was discussed on 23 April 2006;)))
- Vatsa

Anonymous said...

Want to iterate that your observation and visual comprehension of music is very interesting...I reread your comments after listening the songs and I could visualise what you have described...i think you should start speculating picturising the songs before movie release and who knows , if movie notrelease and the director happens to read your script may modify or retake the scenes as per your imagination.
- Vatsa

namit said...

nice post..very expresive style of writing..

do visit my post and do promote it if you like it.. :)

Lost in thoughts said...

@Vatsa -
My thots then were as follows. If you have seen a song if a particular music, then we tend to see the same picture when a similar music is played. can a blind person or a small kid visualize by hearing music? That would be interesting.
Thanks for the comments though. You memory of the conversation date is great ;-)

@ Namit - Thanks for the comments. Will read through your blog too.