Monday, August 23, 2010

Number 836 - Short play

Scene 1
Location - At a bus stop in a residential area of Bangalore. Night 8pm.
Unknown person (U), standing in the bus stand, looking lost.
Narasimha(N), a senior citizen carrying a bag to the vegetable shop. Walking along the road.

U – Excuse me, sir.
N – yes?
U – Sir, how to reach this address.
Stretches a piece of paper with an address on it.
N – (Adjusting his spectacles and taking the paper in his hands) It’s not legible. Can you read it?
U – 836, 9 main, 3rd block, Jayanagar
N – Name of the person you are looking for?
U – Venkatesh..
N – (Thinking) – This is 3rd block. This is 5th main. So go to the 4th parallel road on the left. You will find the house there.
U – I went there and could not find.
N – Do you have the phone number?
U – I lost my mobile in the bus, sir.
N – Hmm
U – I will try again in the same road. It’s very important to find Venkatesh. Sir, he has to give me Rs 5000.
N – ok.

Both walk away.

Scene 2
Location -  At the same bus stop. Night 8:30pm.
U is standing in the bus stand, still  looking lost.
Narasimha, is walking back from vegetable shop with vegetables.

N – You are still here?
U – I searched again for half an hour. I could not locate the house, Sir.
N – You should come in the morning again and search. Its dark here. Catch the last bus at 9pm.
U – Sir, I have nothing with me. I lost my mobile and purse in the bus. Venkatesh had to give me 5000 rupees. I am searching since 5pm without food and water. Now how shall I go sir?
N – Hmm
U – Sir, Can you help me?
N – Hmm…What?
U – Please give me some money. I have to go to Kunigal. I wanted this money for my sister’s hospital expenses. She is sick since 5 days.
N – Kunigal? Tumkur Kunigal? 80 kms right?
U – Yes sir, can you give me thousand rupees. My sister is serious.
N – What? 1000 rupees?
U – Please sir.
N – I don’t have so much money. And even if I had, I would not give you.
U – Sir, I am not lying. Please sir. How will I go home now?  (Almost tears)
N – I have 40 rupees with me. Take a bus and go to Kunigal. (handed over the 40 Rupees and walks…trying to get away from the scene)
U – Sir Sir...Thanks sir.

Scene 3
Location - 9th main, 3rd block, Jayanagar…Morning 7 am.
Narasimha is walking trying to locate number 836, during the morning walk.
He sees houses at 837 and 835. And an empty plot at 836.
An elderly lady (L) is sweeping the leaves off, the compound of house 837.

N – (Curious) Do you know a Venkatesh here in this road?
L – No sir.
N – Hmm
L – What house number?
N – 836..But this is a empty plot?
L – 836 is empty. I have not seen the owner. I am staying here since 25 years. There is no Venkatesh in this road.
N – No house on 836. No Venkatesh. Did he cheat me or Did Venkatesh cheat him?
L – (Confused) what?
N – Nothing, Thanks madam…(Walks away).


Asha said...

What is the take away in this story.. You started off really well!!!

Lost in thoughts said...

@Asha -
Was it cheating?
Who cheated whom?
Was Narasimha cheated by unknown guy?
Was Venkatesh cheating the unknown guy?

Interesting to know your understanding...

FYI - this is a real incident happened with my dad.

Prakash Nyamagouda said...

Nice one Manjanna...
@Asha, the take away don't give money to strangers

Anonymous said...

He He...
I remember you telling this incident to me...
Short play concept is good.

- Sundar

Reesha said...

Good one!

Me and my um got cheated as well! A lil girl came home asking if there was any work shed do!
And in turn she wanted to pay 200 rs fr her hall ticket..
She was crying and sobbing..

Thankfully we dint have change..She said shed return it as soon as she could..She said she was in 9th standard..Forgot tht she needn’t pay hall ticket fees in 9th standard..

Since there was no money that day at home..we gave her the only 40 rs tht we could find!
Felt cheated big time!!

But its okie..U never know if someone actually needs it at times!