Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prologue to Raktha Charitra

Raktha Charitra is ready for release. This Ram Gopal Verma venture is based on the notorious politician\gang lord of Andhra Pradesh – Paritala Ravi. I am eagerly waiting to watch the movie.

On the outset, it looks like RGV has done enough research on the characters. Probably he has covered most of the bloody acts of Ravi. 

Has he covered this act of Ravi?

The scene was in a train.
One of Ravi’s trusted man is traveling in the train. A rival gang (let us call them gang B)  gets into this train in a station. Their plan is to kill this friend of Ravi, and get down in the next station. The next station is an area under gang B’s control. A well planned attack. When the train leaves the station, as per plan gang B attack Ravi’s man. In a chase inside the train, the guy is killed. Blood inside the train.
When the chase is happening, Ravi is informed about the attack. (It’s a mystery if a passenger informed Ravi or if there was a rat within gang B or whatever).
Paritala Ravi used all his clout and wit to hatch a counter-attack immediately.

He coordinated with the railway guys so that the train does not stop in the next 2 stations. Thus preventing any of the gang B members escape. The 3rd station falls under his control. Before the train reaches the 3rd station, he has his gang ready at the station. As soon as the station stopped, Ravi’s gang attacked gang B – inside the train.
Before the train left the station 40 mins later, gang B bodies were dragged out of the train and put on a lorry. 

The revenge was complete. And instantaneous.The incident looks very filmy, but bringing film-like violence to real life was Ravi's style.

PS - Like my Rann's prologue, this is not a paid advertisement to RGV's movie.
I am not linked with any of the gangs mentioned. I know this incident via an eye witness.

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hmmm...should watch this movie then