Sunday, August 15, 2010

Penalty miss

Ranjit was sad. He had missed a penalty. And a 5 yr dream of his college had gone bust. His teammates were very supportive. They consoled him. They decided to hide their sadness with the help of vodka. 

Bar kaka was used to their order. Ranjit’s fingers indicated that the order was regular. Kaka got the fried rice and vodka. As the evening extended into night, 3 bottles had gone down. Kaka knew that the boys need to be warned. 

Kaka was aware of Ranjit’s last birthday gift. It was a 350cc Ninja monster. During the birthday party, kaka also came to know of Ranjit’s rich dad. After the party, Ranjit and friends were regular to the shady bar. Kaka had won the trust of Ranjit. Kaka would never disclose Ranjit’s drinking antics to the rich dad. 

Kaka told the boys to stop for the day. Ranjit explained that he was sad because of the match and wanted more. Kaka did not persuade much.

As the clock struck 11, the boys left. Ranjit drove the monster. As the canal road approached Ranjit knew nothing. Drowsy and shaky, the monster leaped in air, breaking the canal bridge sidewalls. A loud splash drowned the monster with Ranjit.

Kaka got up in the morning and read the local newspaper. “Football loss drives youth to suicide - Ranjit commits suicide after missing penalty”


Ranjan said...

So what was it? Accident? Suicide? Murder by Kaka?

Lost in thoughts said...

@Ranjan - What do you think?
When I wrote, it was an accident..