Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Signs of Tension

What do you do when you are tensed\worried? Some actions I noticed -
  • Remain silent
  • Bite finger nails or the fingers
  • Wipe your face with hands (especially the lower part of the face)
  • Cover your nose & open mouth with both hands
  • Move your hands across your hairline (as if you are combing your hair)
  • Rub your forehead with one hand
  • Scold somebody who can take it (parents & spouse are the soft targets - Never on managers and in-laws).
  • Sweat - unfortunately its an involuntary action
  • Rest your face on your hand(s).
  • Close eyes
  • Pray
  • Do multiple actions listed above
I know what you are doing now - Practicing some of the actions.
If you do anything else when you are tensed, let me know!

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