Monday, June 14, 2010

1st weekend of football world cup 2010

As the dark continent turned bright for the world's most watched sporting event, here are a few thoughts about the play.
Real Madrid latest buy - Vincent Enyeama?
Nigeria would have lost by 5 goals if their goalie Enyeama did not produce a match saving performance. He stood between Messi and goal atleast 5 times. Superb saves. The bosses at Real Madrid must now be thinking of getting Enyeama into Bernabeu. At-least then Real can thinking of stopping Barca's ace striker - Messi.
No Greenery in England
Reports of Robbery of Greens have been increasing in England. Interestingly the same reports are coming from USA. Analysts at Gopadi institute found the reason. English guys are on a killing spree on whatever is Green after Green robbed them of a victory against USA. In the USA, Green is the national hero. So anything Green is being robbed and saved as memorabilia of their 1-1 draw against the friendly enemies - Brits.
Pole - The last man standing
After Tshabalala goal of the tournament (so far) followed by the dance of the tournament, the pole prevented a victory for SA against Mexico. Mphela's strike managed to hit the woodwork saving the Mexican smile. 
After Green's blunder, the pole helped England salvage a draw against USA. The close kick took a deflection from Green's hand and hit the pole as USA drew 1-1. 
Ghana's joys would have been multiplied by 2 if Gyan's late strike hadn't hit the pole.
Veron theory
Juan Sebastian Veron has been selected by Maradona over Cambiaso. the old Veron has an interesting playing skill.
If an Argentina player gives him the ball, the ball will be kicked back to him.
If the opponent gives the ball to Veron (remember he cannot get the ball from the opponent, opponent has to give it to him), the ball will end-up either outside the play area or will be a missed pass.
Argentina plays just 10 men...Veron is just like a tree in the middle.
Australia to increase their Defense budget
In a late night announcement, Aussie prime minister has announced a steep hike in his defense spending. This came after he watched the Aussie team going down 4-0 to Germany. Asked for an explanation, the team coach Pim Verbeek said that they lacked the sting in their defense. Not used to massive defeats in any sport, Aussies are in deep mourning.
Messi, the Lampard of Argentina ?
Messi started the world-cup with 3 great passes...All 3 should have been in the net. Thanks to the blunt strikers, none were converted to goals. Frustrated with this, Messi started his attack on the goal. 4 to 7 strikes at the goal, all saved. Remember Lampard in the previous world-cup. 17 shots at goal and not a single one converted. Will Messi turn out to be the Lampard of Argentina. I hope not.
Serbia gets a new world class volleyball player
Zdravko Kuzmanovic is the new volleyball player of Serbia. The Serbian defender (in football) forgot that he was playing football. Leaped up in air, he played the best volleyball drop shot ever by a Serbian. Unfortunately the referee was spot on and so was Ghana's Gyan. Igor Kolaković, the Serbian volleyball coach has already sent a SOS for Kuzmanovic.


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