Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Danger – Lab zone

Doctor prescribed a blood test. Insisted that the blood test had to be done in their hospital lab.
Doc – “Come in the afternoon to show me the results of the tests”.

Big hospital. Big queues at the labs.

But it was still 8:30am.
Negotiated the queue. Entered the “Blood Collection” area. Told the blood collector - “I want the results early. Doc wants to see it in the afternoon”.
Blood collector replied with the collected sample in a test tube – “Take this and give it to the lab directly in room number 39. Tell them that its urgent.”
Carried the test tube with blood into room number 39, as told by blood collector.

Big hospital. Big lab. Lot of blood.

Came back at 1:30pm.
Asked for blood test result.
Lady 1 – “When did you give blood?”
“At around 9am”
10 mins later
Lady 2 – “We are searching. Give 10 mins.”
10 mins later
Lady 1 – “Here’s the result”
Happy, result read 22….On the path of recovery.

Big hospital. Big queues for doc appointment.

Stood in queue for appointment.
Lady 1 running to me – “Give me the result sheet…Have to check again”. Grabbed the sheet. Ran to lab.
New result sheet issued.
Sad, result read 158…Way behind in the path of recovery.
Lady 1 – “The lab assistant was out for lunch. I read the machine number. Forgot manual multiplication factor. Now lab assistant is back.”

Big hospital. Big mistakes.

Small care for lives?
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Anonymous said...

- Sundar

Lost in thoughts said...


"just a pen in my hand" said...

tats gross man !!!

Ugich Konitari said...

Whenever such things happen, one needs to redo the test elsewhere to confirm values. How do you know the higher value is right ?

Please take care.

Lost in thoughts said...

@Ugich - Absolutely, we did get the tests done at 2 other places...