Friday, June 25, 2010


The old clock struck 11 times in the night. The bed lamp switched off. 
When will the power come back. Darkness. Uff these developing power, no water, only cars on road!

Where is she? Probably still watching the repeat telecast of “Mom, you will also have a daughter-in-law”. But,  I can’t hear the TV. And there’s no power.

Let me sleep.

I can hear people walking around and their soft talks. All of a sudden there seem to be so many people in the house. I want silence.

Oh! Smell of fresh flowers. She must have planned to attend some wedding. She loves jasmines on her head…She can’t enjoy it on the plant. 

Yes, it is her. It’s the same hand that has massaged my legs for the last 5 years. I love the touch. I love the massage. She loves me. But she forgot to apply the massage oil. Old age blues!

Hmm! Am I hungry? Yes. Looks like long time since I ate. She has not started cooking. There’s no power and she can’t see well. And she doesn’t love cooking. Yesterday’s rasam rice with ghee was good though. Not sure when she will prepare it again.

Let me sleep.

Is it Diwali? Or did India beat Pakistan? Why are they bursting crackers? Why are people honking? Bloody traffic jams. Why am I on the road? Some procession? Million Gods and Billion dead, both deserve procession. Weird India. 

Am I blind? Why can’t I see them.

The day is hot. And I am in Sun. I used to love the Indian summer. Gully cricket. Candy icecreams. Gone are those days. Old age can’t take the burden. I will catch a fever. She will scold me, because she loves me. She has to take care of me and other household work, if I am sick.

There seems to be a fire. Help me! Call the fire extinguishers. It burns and really hurts. But there’s no suffocation. Why?
yes, I can’t breathe.

Now I realize.
Probably I stopped breathing when the power went off (or was really a power cut?).
Garlanded me with fresh jasmine flowers.
Crowd gathered.
She wept. And pressed my legs for one last time.
Got me on the road with crackers.

And Finally they are burning me.


Yellareddy said...

Journey after death.Nicely put up.

Sriram said...

If at all it happens this way !!
That would probably be the worst thing to happen to us

Lost in thoughts said...

its going to happen this way for all.

Nirupama said...

scariest experience in the world