Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Tournament - Movie review

I loved the concept of the movie. 
The movie is about a reality show.
A show with a difference. The participants do not know each other. But they have to kill each other. Just kill. And they are the best at it. They are famous assassins from all over the world. And what's the motivation to kill? The big big money which the last man standing would get. A blood hungry betting mafia run the show. 

A tracking device embedded in the bodies of the participants would help locate the assassins. The tournament is held in open city. On the road, in the pubs, in the shopping centers etc. The betting mafia can see the killings via cctv cameras of the city and can change their bets.

One of the participants takes the tracking device out of his body and the device enters a priest's body. So a non-assassin joins the game and a assassin is un-tracked. A personal story of an assassin plays in the background.

Its blood all over the screen. Characters could have developed in a better way.  The film is all about killing styles. And this is where the film lacks some variety. Majority of the killings are through bullets. Shot in Bulgaria, the bus-truck chase could have been better. The initial few kills are the best. The movie is not for the faint heated. Some scenes could be very disturbing. 

The film draws many parallels to the Bollywood flick "Luck".

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where did you see this?
- Sundar