Wednesday, June 09, 2010

When it rains, work stops!

20 mins of heavy rains lashed the whitefield area of Bangalore today.
It was accompanied by rough winds. Water was pouring down.
I stood by the glasses which are the walls of my office.
Observed the activities around me. 
A guy was busy clicking photos of the rain (probably he would publish a photo blog).
Colleagues were just watching the rain from the coffee corners.
Guys stood up from their seats and watched the glass being washed thoroughly.
Heard somebody telling - what coding in this weather, watch the rain.
There were some oohs and aahs..."Cant go home now?, what happens to my bike?"
People who wanted to move to the next building (for meetings) stood waiting for the rains to stop, realizing that the umbrellas would fly away.

Amid all these brakes from work, the office boys were busy. Busy pushing out the water that had entered office through the slit of the office door.

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