Monday, June 21, 2010

Football World cup quiz - Answers

Here are the answers to the quiz posted earlier in my blog.

Answer Q1 -
Man in black and white- Jules Rimet
The man kissing the world cup - Silvio Gazzaniga

Silvio Gazzaniga is the artist who designed and created the FIFA World Cup Trophy.
Before the FIFA world cup trophy was designed, the winners were given the Jules Rimet trophy. Jules Rimet is in many ways considered as the brain behind the competition.
Answer Q2 -
Serbia's Bora Milutinovic and Brazil's Carlos Alberto Parreira
These are the only 2 coaches who have coached 5 different countries to the world cup.
Bora - Mexico (1986), Costa Rica (1990), the United States (1994), Nigeria (1998), and China (2002).
Parreira - Kuwait in 1982, United Arab Emirates in 1990, Brazil in 1994 and 2006, Saudi Arabia in 1998 and South Africa in 2010.
Answer Q3 -
 These are the only 4 players who got red card in finals of world cup.
The first 3 were caught kicking.
The 4th guy - Zidane was an intelligent player, so used his head!

Watch them achieve this feat.
Answer Q4 -
The cartoon character is "Sport Billy"
From wiki - Sport Billy was adopted by FIFA as the Fair Play Mascot for Soccer World Cups, and a trophy of the character was presented to the most sporting team at each World Cup. The character was used as a mascot in many sporting youth programs internationally, promoting sportsmanship and fair play.
Answer Q5 -
I wanted to cover the conterversies of world cup....
Perhaps you have heard about fan riots, player killing, a war because of world cup. Here's another conterversy.

In the picture - A person wearing the patriotic orange Lederhosen(also called Leeuwenhosen...he is most likely a Dutch fan)
Dutch fans generally wear this when their country takes to field.
In WC 2006, Dutch fans were asked to strip the Leeuwenhosen before entering the stadium. Why?
Because this orange peice of garment had "Bavaria" written on it. This was against the sponsorship deal of FIFA. Budwieser was the official beer partner of FIFAworld cup and "Bavaria" is a rival Dutch beer company which has no sponsorship contract with FIFA. More than 1000 fans watched Holland's 2-1 victory over Ivory Coast, in their undies. (Now you know what this picture symbolises)
Now the Bavaria Leewenhosen is a collector's item. If you have one, it may be worth a million when the dutch win the cup!
Bavaria has caused yet another conterversy in this edition of world cup. Now with miniskirts.
Answer Q6 -
These are the names of the football used in different editions of the world cup.
The list is complete with 
  • Teamgeist
  • Jabulani
Enjoy the football season....


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