Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Musical marvels from a super trio

Which combination of strikers have scored most goals for a club or a nation?
Which opening pair has the record for most century partnerships in test cricket?
Which CM, home minister pair are the most successful and for which state?
Is UPAlliance more successful than the NDAlliance?
Which director actor pair have produced the most hits in Bollywood and Hollywood?

Some of these can be googled and answers would be available.
Some would need more research and analysis. They would be interesting as well.

One such combination is the trio of Mano Murthy, Sonu Nigam and Jayanth Kaikini.
I did some analysis on this combination.

This combination has given Kannada movie industry close to 15-18 songs from 2006 till now. These songs span over around 12-13 movies. Some of the movies are mega hits, but some are mega flops. The star cast also varies from big stars, big directors to small time guys. During these years, the Kannada film industry has seen fewer ups and many downs.

With all these factors, all the songs these guys made hits. Super hits.

The trio is not spared from some criticism. Mano's music is repetitive. Sonu is a stereotype singer. Jayanth is a purist writer.
But ultimately what matters is how the listener takes them. And its a big thumbs up from the Kannada audience. 

I am just not bored of listening to some of their musical marvels.

Remember a couple of compliments about them -

Jayanth once said on TV - "Mano's music has space for some thought. Listeners can pause and think and then the music continues. That why he is unique."

A friend of mine, Mr SP once said - "When Sonu takes a breath in the song 'Male Ninthu Hodha Mele', my breath just goes away. He reminds me of my ex-lovers" 

Thanks Mano, Sonu and Jayanth for the hits. Expecting more hits from you.

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