Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cure for Dandruff

I used to shave my hair (well almost). Used to have 2 mm of hair on my head. That was the same length of hair on my face, then! Not because I wanted to have short hair. But dandruff forced me to have short hair. 

One of the many solutions to dandruff was to have short hair and wash the head more often (many times a day). This way, dandruff used to get washed away. Or so I thought.  After many such rounds of short hair, I realized that it won't work for me. Like many other solutions, this was another waste of effort.

I had tried curd on head, fenugreek paste on head, homeopathy tablets, shampoos of all kinds (heads and shoulders, Himalaya, Selsun, Clinic plus blah blah) etc etc. Nothing worked. Only thing that happened was that my hairs turned gray.

Finally i decided that dandruff is my life long friend.
And decided to have long hairs (let me call - I decided to have hairs). I went without a haircut for close to 5 months. I grew long hairs. Just to keep the long hairs in place i started a new technique, which accidentally turned out to be the cure to my dandruff problem.
  • Take head-bath (sometimes cold water, sometimes warm)
  • Use medimix soap for the hair (you can use it as a body soap also).
  • When the hair is wet, apply pure coconut oil (got directly from the oil mills of my native village).
  • Comb the hair.
  • Repeat this everyday.

That's it. I have a cure for dandruff.
I have been following this since 3-4 months. No dandruff. And there's hair on my head.
But can't make out if the gray hair numbers have been increasing!

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