Monday, June 28, 2010

Meetings - A short story/play

All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to any real character is just co-incidence.

Meeting 1
Location - Coffee-day, Bagor
Attendees – Aryan(A), Brinda(B)  

B – It’s nice that you have agreed to meet me. Thanks. You know, we are a traditional family and meeting guys like this is considered a taboo. I heard from papa that our horoscopes match. I did not have a chance to see your photo. But now..

A – Hey, it’s ok. I like bold girls. It is better that we two meet first and decide. Then the family meeting will be a formality. Anyways, I liked your photo. The phone conversation we had yesterday gave some insights into your job also. Good. I do not want another software engg as my wife. So it’s an added pleasure that you are completing your law course. Probably your papa has inspired you into law course. About my job, “Thinking Chips” is a great company and I am a senior Engg there. It pays me well. Chances of onsite chances to America are not rare. Hope this is ok.

B – I want a loving husband. If work is not obstructed by my presence in America, I can join you perhaps. But depends on duration of the trip and my commitments here. My papa is busy with criminal cases. I will work with him in his law firm. You see I am the only daughter for my parents. There’s some responsibility on that front for me.

A – I can understand that. I am the only son for my parents. My dad will retire after 35 yrs of service in “Airplanes India” next month. Then the family load is on me. That’s something I suppose is Ok with you.

B – I love joint families. I can stay happy. 

A – From my side, I am happy with this meeting. I wait for your answer. If you have nothing to talk, we can catch up with families later. Will call and speak to you. Bye

B – Bye.

A and B shake hands and leave.

Meeting 2
Location - Red bagh gardens, Bagor
Attendees – Brinda(B), Chethan(C)

B – You need to act fast. I can’t stand that stupid, Thinking, American, Coffeeday Aryan. He looks like a nut. I love you Chethu. I won’t marry anybody but you. Papa doesn’t want me to marry you. Stupid religions. We will run away.

C – Are you mad? Runaway? No way. Will my religion change if we runaway? I am  not scared to runaway. I will kill that idiot Aryan. How dare he shake hands with you? What will your papa do if that Aryan dies? Arranged marriage is out of question for you after his death. You will be considered inauspicious in your traditional religion. Then your papa has no choice but Chethu.

B – I do not know what you do, but I do not want to marry him.
C - Just do what I tell. Call that Aryan and ask him to meet you on ring road at 8:30pm tomorrow. I will get my boys. They will make sure that Aryan will not see daylight again. Ok?
B – Done. I love you.
C – I love you too.

Meeting 3
Location – Ring road, Bagor
Attendees – Chethan(C), Aryan(A), Brinda (on phone), Some goons

A (on phone) – Hi Brinda. As you mentioned, I am at the ring road junction. Are you stuck in traffic?
B (on phone) – Yes Aryan. Am, on my way. Wait for 10 mins.
A (on phone) – Ok, Bye!

C (on phone) – Darling, Aryan is here. And I have my boys ready.
B (on phone) – Yes, I know dear. Just do what you want. I want to marry you. I will wait for the sweet news.
C (on phone) – ok, Bye!

Goons and Chethan thrash Aryan. Aryan is killed brutally.

C (on phone) – I have finished him. Now nobody can stop mine and your marriage.
B (on phone) –Thanks Chethu. So is Aryan dead?
C (on phone) – Yes…Gone and out.
B (on phone) – Super…see you tomorrow. Bye! Love you.

Meeting 4
Location – Ring road Police station, Bagor
Attendees – Police Inspector(P), Dheerendra(D), Eshwara (E), Brinda, Chethan

B and C are in police custody.
D (looking at B and C) – Who are you to kill my son? Why did you kill my son? What was his mistake?
E – Hey Mister…Do not talk like that to my daughter. Your son died in an accident. Why are you blaming my daughter. I am her lawyer. Talk to me and not to her.
P – Sir, it’s a clear case of murder. The phone records indicate that they plotted for this murder. Post mortem indicates that he was beaten to death.
E - Inspector, prove that in court. Produce my daughter in court.  You are not a judge to decide who killed whom.
D – I will fight it in court. I will not spare the killers. My son’s life is precious. His death is also precious.
E (looking at B and C) – Don’t worry, I will get you out. Whatever it takes.

Meeting 5
Location – Lakeview Bar, Bagor
Attendees – Eshwara (E) and Hanumappa (H)

E – Sir, only you can help my daughter. She is my only kid. I love her. You will be the judge for this case.
H – Yes, Eshwara. But the case is clear.
E – Sir, I will do whatever you want. I want my daughter with me. As requested, I have arranged Rs 25lakhs. I sold my house…for my daughter.
H – Where is it? Send it to my driver. I will see what can be done.
E – Thanks your honor! I will never forget your help.

Meeting 6
Location -  Court room, Bagor
Attendees – Eshwara, Dheerendra, Brinda, Chethan, Police Inspector and Hanumappa

H – After going through all the reports and evidences, it is clear that Aryan was murdered. Post mortem reports are clear indication.
D – Thanks my lord.
H – You are welcome. Phone records are tampered. Brinda and Chethan had lost their phones 2 hours before the murder. Jayanagar police have filed a report on this. 
E – Yes!
H – So Brinda and Chethan are innocent.
D – No. They are the killers. Please do not spare them!
H – Silence. I order the police to investigate further and get Aryan’s real murderer to court. Court releases Brinda and Chethan. Court adjourned.
E – Thanks your honor. Justice prevails.
D – Noooooooooooo!

Epilogue –
Dheerendra is at a mental asylum after the judgment.
Chethan and Brinda are married.
Brinda is settled and works with Eshwara.


Gaveesh said...

Ohh My God!!!! Manju yaake ee tara aagbitri??

Lost in thoughts said...

yako yen aithu?

Prakash Nyamagouda said...

very short and nice it inspired by the one happened on hosur road?

Lost in thoughts said...

the story is a fiction...Any resemblance is a coincidence

Bharadwaj said...

Manju, I came to know of a guy who worked in a software company who was murdered on ring road in similar way. Got to know that his fiance (a lawyer) and her lover were the suspects.. did not know the end though

Your story might be a fiction. But has an eere similarity to what happened in real life.

Lost in thoughts said...

@Bharadwaj - I do not know about the story.

Rajendra Raikwar said...

Good one...