Monday, June 07, 2010

Common Names? Hmm...NO!

If you have been working in Germany or working with Germans for sometime, I am pretty sure that you know a person by name - Klaus or a Thomas. Similarly if you are in touch with some muslims, damn sure that you know a Mohammed. You would also know a Micheal or a Henry or a Peter. Similarly, if you have been in north India, you would know a Ashish. South India is no exception. In Tamil Nadu you would get a Karthikeyan in every street. In Andra, you would get a Venka**** everywhere. (**** indicates suffix here, example - Venkatesh, Venkatadri, Venkiah). In Karnataka, there are many Raghavendras and Manjunaths (like me).

So what are these - Common names?...NO...They are not COMMON names. 

They are POPULAR names.

Personality tests should have the following question -

What comes to your mind when you hear the following names?
Salim, Micheal, Manjunath, Venkatesh, Martina


  • Common names
  • Popular names
  • Irritating names
  • Interesting names


Anonymous said...

Another option could be "boring names".

Raghavendra said...

Popular Names for sure :-)

Radha said...

i would say boring names ;)