Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cobra squad

Bangalore police have got a new squad. After the Cheetah squad now its the "Cobra" squad. The squad is set up to tackle the traffic jam menace of Bangalore. The main job of the squad will be to goto the place where the jam has occured and immidiately regulate traffic to avoid long pileups. It is a one man army ie a cobra is a police inspector on a motorbike. 3 - 4 cobras will come to a place where the jam has happened and work together.

Yesterday because of wind and rain there were lot of trees that came down. The shuttle which leaves my office at 6:15pm got stuck in the jam near silk board and udupi garden. At 7:30pm when the 2nd shuttle was about to leave, a friend called up and asked us to change the route and avoid the jam. Our driver ignored and said he would take teh same route. And to our surprise by the time we reached the jam place, the cobras were in control. It was raining but the trafffic was being smartly regulated and there was no jam. We did not get caught anywhere. The cobras were there all through the jam location and had done a superb work. With the increasing population of vehicles and bad conditions of road, Cobras will have no spare time. Way to go Bangalore!

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