Monday, May 16, 2005

"A heap of broken images"

Me and a friend of mine met on saturday and decided to watch a play in RangaShankara. The play was titled "A heap of broken images". It was written specially for RangaShankara by the Jnanapita awardee Girish Karnad. The one woman show was for about 55 mins.

The show starts off with the lead lady giving an interview on a TV show on the launch of her new English book. Basically a Kannada writer defends herself for writing a book in English saying that thoughts do not have a language. She also says that the book is a tribute to her handicapped sister who died recently. She thanks her husband for supporting her throughout her career.
When she is about to leave the studio after the interview, the play kicks off a talk between this writer and her conscience. The theatrical way of showing conscience impressed me. It's a TV. This conversation brings about the real story. The novel is actually written by her handicapped sister and puts the duplicate writer in a bad shape. The family is broken after one sister steals the novel from the other. Husband goes away from her etc. The direction is good but the play drags in some instances. Some parts of the play could have been cut easily, specailly the talk about the assumed sex between the husband and the below the waist handicapped sister.
Rs 100 seemed to be a bit expensive.

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