Monday, May 23, 2005


This is supposed to be a horror movie and hence supposed to be scary. But it is neither a horror movie nor scares anybody. The movie is a mixture of Sixth sense, Unbreakable and the director has tried to copy Verma's style of shooting. The result is a ultimate horrible cinema. Urmila who has been giving very good performances since "Kaun" has nothing to do in the movie. Her talent is wasted. Nobody else has any big role. The first half is a big drag and people may tend to walk out of the cinema hall during the interval. The story starts off in the 2nd half only. Some spirituality and philosophical things are added to spice up the ending. The last scene is taken from "Unbreakable" where the underground train explodes.

I still remember watching Kaun with my classmates in Kerala. After the nightshow we tried to scare the girl classmates on the way to the lodge. Kaun was an ultimate movie and Booth followed its foot steps. VastuShastra was a lot better than this. Urmila had exceled in the roles. Directors should stop copying Ram Gopal Verma. Verma's next venture "D" has evekoed lot of interest as it is supposed to be a prequel to teh super hit "Company".

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