Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Great 24 hrs

It has been an amazing 24hrs for me. Yesterday at 3pm I cracked the code which was the most problematic piece. There were bugs reported on it almost daily. I cooled down the guys who had set my ass on fire for this piece of code. The code was not mine. Then I went to my cousin's grihapravesh. A number of relatives and cousins had assembled and we had fun till 10pm when the pooja ended and we had some very nice food. Just as we washed our hands, it started raining and Bangalore was cool.

Morning I got up, not because of the sun rays that entered my room but because the wind from the window was very cold for my bare chest in bed. It was drizzling and dull. Bangalore was Bangalore after a long time, I felt. I went to the grihapravesh again and had pumpkin halwa in breakfast. It was just the start I wanted.

I was welcomed into the office with a voice message from a customer who had thanked me for helping him crack the code. The enthu levels just rose. I cleared the all the pending issues with that code through the day and I am still fresh for a demo. Wow!!

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