Thursday, May 19, 2005

Shuttle changed...some thots

Our shuttle changed again. But fortunately, its only when going back home and not when coming to office. For sometime now we had a Tempo traveller and a skilled driver. He used to bring us to office in just 1hr and on the return journey he ensured that we dont sit inside his neatly maintained vehicle for more than 75mins. It all changed because of the population increase in my company and guys from my area contributing handsomely to it. There are 9 new guys from my route. The transport guys had to run a 2nd backup shuttle to transport the guys back home. After some days of observation, they decided to put one big vehicle instead running 2 vehicles. Perfect decision. Now this big vehicle (Eicher 24 seater) cannot go in smaller roads and hence we are slow to reach home. Pollution is reduced. It takes more than 90 mins for me to reach home now.

The big vehicle has higher seats and so there is a support till the head. The TT that was used earlier had seats that supported the backs only. Both are comfortable. In the TT one could turn back and see the other guys. We used to talk about all the things on earth in the shuttle and almost all of them could see and participate in the discussions. With these newer higher seats, we cannot see each other and hence there are no common talks. One can talk to his\her immidiate neighbor only. This is bad as the interaction and the liveliness of the shuttle travel is gone. The radio which was a reductant stuff earlier has gained importance now. The time to finish off a book has reduced.

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