Monday, May 09, 2005

Mysore follows Barcelona

Mysore, the tourist capital of Karnataka has finally woken up. Government has taken some steps to promote tourism in this beautiful city. Following western nation arrangements, tourists in Mysore can now go round Mysore in buses which ply all round the clock.

My experience with the Barcelona buses had been good. We had taken a 2 day ticket which can be used to move round the city attractions. We could get in and get out of the bus anytime. There were announcements at each stop about the near by tourist spots. The commentary and the announcements were in Spanish and English. These tourist tickets give discounts on the entry tickets for some tourist spots. Restaurants offered discounts too.

At the first implementation these features may not be there in the Mysore bus. But this is a great move and hope other cities follow this.
It's a long time since I did some sight seeing in Mysore. It's the right time to plan one.

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