Monday, May 23, 2005

Smell of soil

Rain Gods opened up on Saturday and continued their onslaught on Sunday too. Bangalore was touching 37+ deg Celcius from the past 4 days. The rain was most welcome as the temperatures came down. But along with the temperatures, the trees and the electric poles came down too. There was a major power failure in my area. Traffic came to a standstill at many places. There are reports of people getting washed away in storm drains. But what I liked most was sitting outside the house as the first drops came down after a long time. As the drops fell on the dry soil, there was a unique fragrance from the soil. I love that smell always. The smell lasts for a small time only. Like a camera to capture pictures and a voice recorder to capture sounds there is no recording instrument to capture smell. How sad! I just sat outside and saw the 2nd "Ali kallu rain" of the season, wondering how ice is formed in the sky when teh temperature on the early is around 35 deg C.

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