Friday, May 20, 2005

PIL against MPs

I just got an idea. I want to raise a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) with tha Karnataka high court. The PIL as the expantion says is in the interest of the public...the Indian citizens. What got me to this?

Bangalore has been suffering because of lack of development since about 1 year. It was when Karnataka and India got new coalition governments. Not a single road in my area is good. It was already bad and it is now worse. The infrastructure developement compared to the growth of the city is almost nothing. There is a major water crisis in places like Dharwad, Hubli and other north Karnatka places. Karnataka's problems with Andra over Krishna waters has reached a all time high point. The naxal problem in the Malnad region has decreased the developement pace of the region. The Mangalore ONGC project is still to kick off. There is a personal tussel between Chidambaram (he wants the project in Tamil Nadu) and Dharam Singh. These are just a small list of the problems facing Karnataka. Karnataka has elected 17 MPs from NDA which now sits in the opposition. None of these 17 MPs goto parliament, thanks to the stupid boycott of parliament because of some stupid reason. From the past 2 sessions, NDA guys havent been to the parliament.

Why have we elected these guys?
Not to sit outside and shout slogans against the so called tainted ministers.They are there to solve our problems. Raise it with the government and discuss the issues in the Parliament. If they can't to this, they should not be our representatives. Now what I want? I want to goto the court and ask the court the order these MPs to attend the Parliament and discuss the problems we face.
I hope this is a right cause.

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