Friday, May 06, 2005


I plan to buy a music system. I am confused as to which one to go for. I had a radio, casette player and a transistor. But all of them are out of order now.
Philips has a good CD\casette player. It costs about 5k. But people generally recommend Sony. Sony is very expensive and I have also heard complaints about Sony players not playing some mp3s. My sister has a Samsung player. The features are good and the costing is ok but I find it very bulky. Friends also suggest to go for a DVD/CD/mp3 player. Bill Gates predicts that DVD will be out of market in the future. But there is no radio in many models. FM is a craze now in Bangalore.
One thing about electronic goods. They get outdated very fast and so go for the latest.
So much confusion. Huh!!

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