Tuesday, May 17, 2005

An ethical question - To buy or not?

Yesterday we had a coffee corner discussion about shares and which are the hot shares to buy now. ITC is a good bet one guy suggested. Another punter in the market suggested not to buy ITC because it is a tobacco company. By buying the shares of ITC, we are indirectly supporting smoking which means we are helping in spreading of cancer. Wow ! I had never thought on these lines. I totally agree with this argument. But then the question is which share to buy? The big manufacturing industries, the petrochemical industries, textile guys all pollute the envoirnment and the local population suffer for decades because of this. On the other side every big indusry provides employment and hence people have food to eat atleast. ITC also puts funds in rural development which is good.
It is really an ethical question and individuals need to take a decision in what company should one invest.

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