Monday, March 08, 2010

Answers - Identify the company from logo...

I had posted a contest some days ago. Shared it with some of my friends via email. Some got many of the companies right. Thanks to all who have put in the effort to interpret my words!

Its time for the answers now.

1. Two elephants make a ymm - ymm is M, did not want to put 'yum' & confuse it to some foody stuff.

2. Running Stallion
I started with Chemmanur but it could also be TVS.

3. 3 colorful nama - Observe the irony

4. Lions tail up

5. Pie with an eye

6. 4 rectangles and a square form a square??

7. Dicey three

8. The nandi heralds headlines

9. Fly around the globe

10. Eight about to fall

11. 3 roads or 2 roads?

12. Spicy rising sun

13. Infinity divided into two

Hope you enjoyed it.

Disclaimer - All logos are proprietary property of the respective companies. They are taken from the company website. Interpretation of the logo is purely for gaming purposes and does not carry any historical or logical relevance to the logos.


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Nagarjuna was cruel...the logo is very small.