Monday, March 15, 2010

Why new template?

Let me start with a question..
Whats the oldest animal on mother earth? Hold on and read through for the answer.

I changed my blog layout. Not because the old one was boring. Because I wanted to change. Why? Actually no specific reason, but after changing the layout I can find some reasons ;-)
Reason No 1
My wife's favorite colors are black and white(not in the same order I suppose). My blog is also black and white, as per her liking. Though, I doubt if she likes my profile photo in B and W.
Reason No 2
I recently spoke and saw a specially challenged person using his computer. He has a problem with viewing colors. So he has set his monitor in black and white mode (don't know how to do it). As I realized his pain, I decided to have my blog in "Black and white". Though I am kind of sure that he may not read my blog.

Did you get the answer to the question at the start of the blog? Answer to the question - Zebra. Guess Why? Read on!

Reason No 3
Google came up with a "Blogger Template Designer" which is easy to use. It is used to organize the blog template. I have just used one of the already available backgrounds for an already existing page. I liked it and chose it. Due credit to the designers at the bottom of the page. 
Reason No 4
The picture somehow indicates my blog. Like the pigeons in the background, my thoughts are flying around. The thoughts are not always clear. A bit hazy, as in the picture. And more often, they are not colorful either.
Whatever be the reason, I will keep this template for this year. Next year - it could be different. 
Reason for Zebra - The old animal is still in "Black and White".

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