Thursday, March 04, 2010

Motivation to exercise

My grandma is always amazed on why people go to gym. As a corollary she questions - Why do you hire a housemaid? Sweep the house. Mop it. Wash clothes. Wash vessels. The exercise is sufficient to make you stay fit. In-fact most of you would have heard this from somebody who is one generation above us. Isn't it true? Its lot of exercise for the lower back and the arms to do all the things mentioned above.

Having grown up with 2 sisters, I have to admit that I had very less chances of doing these. Remember, we are a male dominated society, where household chores are considered woman's job. The small time gap between my 2nd sister's marriage and my marriage provided a chance to for me to help my mom with the household chores. To be honest, I assisted only when my mom did not keep well. So rarely I used to get exercise for my lower back and arms ;-)

As we age, it is important to have some physical exercise and maintain good stamina. This is like those good things which are very good to be told & very boring to practice. If there should be a goal to achieve, then there's an effort to reach the goal. Without a goal(call it motivation), its hard to practice anything good. (Only the vices can be practiced effortlessly and it requires no motivation.) During my BSA Cylothon practice, I was very regular with cycling. During the preparation for marathon, I was very regular in running. Now there's no event and there's no exercise. Hmm..Something needs to be done..

Organize an event...Yeah its simple isn't it?

Or whats a better motivation than "Die healthy!"

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