Thursday, March 25, 2010

whom to vote?

The Dday is fast approaching. March 28. People of the city will decide what will decide the fate of the BBMP candidates and in-turn decide the fate of the beautiful city called Bengaluru.

There are 4 important candidates in my constituency. There are a lot more i suppose.
3 from the major 3 parties. 1 independent.

I know one candidate since I was a kid. It looks like, this is his problem. I know him so well that I know his weaknesses. And this is overwhelming reason not to vote for him.

Then there is another candidate known in my locality as a good guy. He is not so rich. I know a little about him. But he is representing a party which I hate.  I am also pretty sure that he will not win. So my vote may go waste, if i press the button against his name.

The last party candidate is also known to be a good person. Reports say that he has done lot of good work for his village. But he is in the constituency since 6 months only. So does not know much about the problems. He is filthy rich and I am skeptical about his visions (please note - there are also rumors that he owns a good number of bars and that's his main source of income).

I don't know much about the latter two, apart from what people and news reports say.

Lets come to the independent candidate.
Being an independent - He is a sure shot looser. Tragic. He is one who has a good vision. My father has worked with him at an association of local residents.

He has taken some initiatives to get traffic signals, new buses to the constituency. He is good but parties did not give him ticket. He can't spend money like how the others and so cant reach the masses.So my vote to him would be a waste.

Knowing a person well can be bad and\or useless. Hmm!

Is an unknown friend better than a known enemy? or vice-versa?

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