Friday, March 26, 2010

When TAKING is greater than GIVING!

How has the society changed over the years?

25 yrs ago  - when I moved to my home in a village of Bangalore, the area was full of greenery and less of concrete. There were fields where they grew vegetables, coconut, ragi. The fields were grazed by cattle, sheep etc. There was a man who used to supply us fresh cow milk. (our milkman in short). He grew vegetables in his fields. Some days he used to give us vegetables grown in his field for free. He also gave this to our neighbor though our neighbor was not his customer. The milkman was taking PRIDE in GIVING it FREE
Now - there is a small market where some vendors sell the vegetables in the evenings. As it is close to bus-stand, the business is brisk. The vegetable vendors are not very rich vendors. They do not have stalls...the sell vegetables on the cycles or on the footpath. 

The milkman is dead. His son converted all his fields into plots\sites and made a hell lot of money. He is a rich spoilt brat and is a semi-don(you know what i mean right!) in my area. This guy comes in his car, stops it in front of these vendors, asks them for vegetables (from his car, without getting down or turning off his blazing radio). The vendors pack the vegetables and go to the car for delivery. He does not offer money nor the vendor dares to ask money. The milkman's son is taking PRIDE in TAKING it FREE.


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Good one!
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Lost in thoughts said...

Sorry Again! Something changes without notice!