Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back to serious Astrology Business - Part 2

Now that I have some partners in this business, I will elaborate further on the business agenda.
Why software Engineers in this business ?
To bring in some "trust", we need to be more intelligent. So we have the software guys. (Did not mean that they are more intelligent) Their job is to do "Text Analysis" on some data and "create Mash-ups of phrases".

Bit more explanation -
Person creates an account on our portal. Mandatory fields are birth star, DOB, his twitter account, blog URL, facebook profile, marital status(yes this damn important). Optional fields - Where he\she stays, link to financial portfolio, 3 months bank account statement.
The super intelligent software of our company will do text analysis of his tweets, facebook, blog and gauge his mood. Then use the best of breed, home developed mash-up software to create sentences from a set of phrases (which are already in our database) . This is not easy stuff. We need to be in CONTEXT. We need to analyze the mood, his financial statement, his spouse\girlfriends\boyfriend mood, his friend's network, his future plans, probably favorite color, traffic in his location etc etc…oh oh…its too complex. Agree?? Don’t worry software can do this.

Our mash-up software is in close integration with the "Text Analysis" software.
Let me give some sample phrases for out mash-up software.

Preset of words and phrases

Look at the possible mash-up (of-course based on the mood analysis done by the text analysis software).
  • Invest in land, may be loss
  • Loss from share
  • Disaster from friend
  • Disaster from Boss
  • Loss of Boss ;-)
  • Job loss.
  • Will have accident.
  • Boss will have accident.
Then we have a website where people can join and check their future.
Have a trial period of 1 day and then its pay per prediction. Everyday his future is predicted.

So we have CLEAR future.
Lets celebrate TODAY for this great Business venture.
You never know what happens TOMORROW ;-)


Anonymous said...

Are you joking or really investing into this?

Lost in thoughts said...

What do you think? Am i joking? If you know me well, you know that the answer is YES.