Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Identify the company from the logo descriptions

It was a dull day in cab. Newspaper was being devoured by my friend. Was in no mood to read as-well. Just then i hit upon this idea. Identify the company from the logo. Interesting! But I can't capture the logo in camera & from the moving bus. So I described the logos in cryptic words.

For all of my cab mates, they have an advantage - These companies\establishments are on the way. For the others, use your crossword skills, company knowledge and crack the puzzle.

Ready, Steady & Go!

1. two elephants make a ymm
2. Running Stallion
3. 3 colorful nama
4. Lions tail up
5. Pie with an eye
6. 4 rectangles and a square form a square??
7. Dicey three
8. The nandi heralds headlines
9. Fly around the globe
10. Eight about to fall
11. 3 roads or 2 roads?
12. spicy rising sun
13. Infinity divided into two

Answers will be posted in a separate blog some days later.

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