Friday, March 12, 2010

Why do you loose hair as you age?

Everybody knows why hair exists on the head (at-least for some). Beauty, fashion, protection of skull, protection from heat etc etc. But have you realized that there are economics behind our beautiful hair. (I can hear some baldy's envious grunt. For them - don't worry  - you have won the race, eventually we slow guys will catch up with you on the baldness, as we age.)
After a period of short hair, I have now decided to have longer hairs till the next visit to the hairdresser. The visit is planned only after 4-5 weeks. Lets see if the plan succeeds.
Today morning during the bath, I realized that there is some economical aspects of hair which is generally ignored. Lets see if they make sense.

Having short hair always would mean - more visits to hair dresser. Hence more money and time spent at the saloon. Today hair cut is anything between 40 to 400 bucks depending on the saloon you go.
Added to this - When you are waiting for your chance to get a cut, you start reading some magazine. When you are half way through an article, your chance for the cut arrives. Generally after the cut, you don't tend to continue reading there. As the article is interesting you may buy the magazine later, which otherwise you would not. Another 20 bucks gone.

But there are cost advantages which is generally ignored. Amount of water and amount of shampoo that is needed to wash smaller hairs is less. This directly adds to your savings. The time taken for the bath is also considerably less. Probably this time saving compensates for the waiting time in the saloon. If you oil your hair, then you also realize that the amount of oil needed is also less. If you are one of those who color or dye your hair, the consumption of the color is again less. If you use hair drier, then the time to dry and hence power consumption is lesser.

I cant check if the the savings mentioned above can compensate to the extra expenditure at the saloon. Probably yes!

On the contrary, having long hairs means exactly the opposite. Savings on saloon expenditure. But increase in all other expenses - water, oil, shampoo, power consumption, soap, dye, time to wash, time to dry. In fact having long hairs is anti-sustainability. You consume more natural resources. During rainy and winter season, long hairs don't dry early. Hence you may catch a cold. Hence you visit doc and take medicines.  Hence added expenditure, tension, a day off from work (probably you could have used the vacation in a better way). Long hairs implies more oil. And if you sleep with oil on, you have dirty bedspreads => frequent washes => more water => more detergent => more expenditure.

Again, I cant check if the the extra cost can compensate for the savings (by not visiting the hair dresser) . Probably yes!
But either case, there is an expenditure because of hair. Sad.

As you old, generally your income decreases. You retire and live on your savings of life or on pension money. Each paisa is important. And a paisa saved is actually a paisa earned.
Nature solves one of the problems as you old. All the problems mentioned above is there only if you have hair. Hence nature takes away your hair making you bald.
Ooh! what an eye-opener!


Anonymous said...

Its really an eye-opener! I could not think of so many reasons to maintain long hair...

a suggestion: Increase the font size dude... Its not so reader friendly.

Lost in thoughts said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I have now changed the font size.

sharon said...

This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.


Lost in thoughts said...

Thanks sharon!