Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Missed the bus - Don’t worry

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Both are shy to confess to each other.
Fear of rejection. Fear of compatibility. Fear of acceptance of families.
Psychological barrier - Why should I confess first? The reply is - the cycle of fear (mentioned above).
Then one of them are married in an arranged marriage plot. Both will never know that there was a love lost.
Hmm! Sounds familiar?

Now look at the "Love Guru (LG)" side of the story.
The boy has confessed his love to LG. Girl has confessed his love to LG.
LG tries to convince the boy that the girl is is love with you…please proceed with the proposal. Boy takes this lightly.
The same happens with the girl.
Sometime later LG gets 2 different wedding invitations…psssst.

So they missed the Bus.

What has fundamentally gone wrong here?
The art of COMMUNICATION or the lack of it.
Like love, love communication is also a mystery. Like Business communication, there needs to be special coaching\training\practice. Its not easy. Business is kind of predictable. Though there are variables, but many have conquered the measurement of these variables. There are mechanisms through which you can workaround the variables (bribes, budget, acquisition etc etc).
Love is different. Its complex. Its blind. What works for one, does not work for others. There's nothing called best practice or correct practice. Trials\Prototyping do not work out. If we are talking of boy-girl love, then the most complex thing is the girl's brain. Men can be decoded (to an extent). Women???

So what could work - "Just say it". If it doesn't work out - "Just say it again." What worse could happen? You miss the bus. But even without saying it - you would still miss the bus.

An advice for those who missed the bus -
There would be some bus coming for you. Probably a bit late…But there's something coming up. It could be the brand new volvo bus. Just hop on. And don’t ever try to remember the number of the bus you missed.

Enjoy the journey!

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Simply Adi said...

Sometimes we have to come terms with the fact that our quest for academic and professional success can greatly change our priorities (in the above case lead to the bus missing).However i feel that while in theory it might be possible (and we have seen enough examples of the same) to catch another bus, in practise, the difficult part is coming to terms with the fact that the bus that was waiting for someone got away:(