Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Campaign techniques for BBMP election

This election has been one where innovative campaigning is the flavor.
Some interesting ones here (without party names)

Gift for Ugadi
Did you expect saree, dhothi etc? They were there. But there was also a gift pack containing a kg of rice, dal, jaggery and oil. For the day after Ugadi (where some consume non-veg), people were given mutton. Live sheeps were also distributed for slaughter.

Respect - Candidates knock your door with their supporters. They fall at the feet of elderly people. Flat. Good exercise isn't it? Believe me, there are some oldies who fall for this fake respect.

Green campaign - People are gifted 2-3 saplings to plant. Lets make Bangalore green. But where to plant the saplings?

Cool drinks
Candidates distribute cool ayurvedic drinks (kashaya) in the parks where people do their early morning walks. It's hot outside and cool drinks (not the pesticide-wala) are welcome.
I have also seen parties distributing tender coconut water in signals. Message - See our greenery is vanishing, so temperatures are increasing, vote for us to see the garden city green. Amazing!

Water - Truck loads of water are being distributed to small colonies. Look what your party has done. We need to supply water. Vote us and you will have 24hr water at your doorstep.

Clean the area - Candidates and supporters sweep the roads, collect garbage in trucks. Again the message is - If you want such facility, vote for me.

Street dramas
- Showing the plight of people under the current govt. And how the candidate can help solve the problems. Worth a watch - Lasts 15 mins.

Role plays - Autos with mikes play role plays (is the sentence correct?).
Guy1 - Hey, you look so sick? What happened?
Guy2 - I am having fever since 3 days?
Guy1 - Dint you go to doctor?
Guy2 - I cant afford it. And the govt hospital is in city market. How can I go there?
Vote for xyz to get hospitals at your locality.

Wondering what more can be seen....Today is Rama navami and bounty to fall on the laps of voters!


Anonymous said...

pretty creative right? By the way, which party would you like to lead this elections?

Lost in thoughts said...

Absolutely creative! I am sure there are no big MBA kind of brains behind these campaigns.
Which party? Good question!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you have an answer dude?

Lost in thoughts said...

I don't want to give it in writing ;-)
Like Amitabh says "I am apolitical". Hehe!