Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara

I heard this story during a pooja in my colleague’s house.

Once there started an argument between Brahma and Vishnu. Each claimed that he was greater than the other. They could not come to any conclusion. So they decided to approach Maheshwara (popularly known as Shiva). When Shiva heard this argument, he thought for a moment. Then he installed a big lingam in front of the two parties. He asked Vishnu to go down and identify the starting point of the lingam. He asked Brahma to go up and identify the tip of the lingam. “Whoever comes back first is the greatest” he said. Both started off the search. Vishnu couldn’t find the base of the lingam after a long search so came back and told Shiva that he had failed. Brahma too couldn’t find the tip. But fearing a humiliation, he came back and lied to Shiva that he found the tip. He used “Ketaki” flower as a witness. Shiva got angry and gave Brahma and Ketaki a “shaapa”. “Though you are the creator, nobody in the world will pray you. Everybody will pray Vishnu and his avatars like Ram and Krishna. Ketaki will not adore any God anymore.” he said. This is the reason for not finding any Brahma temple. The story doesn’t end there. Brahma pleaded Shiva to relax this a bit. Shiva obliged and said “There will be only 1 temple for you”. So there’s one Brahma temple in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Here ketaki flowers are used.

Wonder how many such stories exist in the Vedas!

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