Monday, December 06, 2004

Death of a goal scorer

I saw the death of Cristiano live on DD sports yesterday. Such a big tragedy. The idiot goalie should be banned for life. I read that Cristiano was the top scorer in the Indian league last year. A tragic end.

The facilities are really of a great concern. The commentator told that the footballer was breathing when he was taken to the ambulance. I heard in the morning news that the ambulance did not have a oxygen cylinder. Why the hell do they call it ambulance! Common sense would say that take him to the nearest hospital when there is no oxygen. And Mallya hospital was right opposite to the Kanteerava stadium. But the stupids took him to HOSMAT in the busy traffic of Bangalore. The persons involved should be charged of murder. If the govt tries to protect, then no major sports event should be alloted to Karnataka. They should be made to pay thru their nose. Just fuck them.

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