Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Cribbing of a loser

Yesterday we did not finish in top 3. It was sad. We knew that we would not finish in the top as soon as the demo was done. The judges somehow seemed to have no interest in our presentation.
Why dint we win?
• 3 of the 5 judges were HR related managers…How will they know the technicality of AI or BI?
• 1 of the 5 judges went out for a leak just before the presentation started. Still we were asked to start. He was a techie and would have understood our concept.
• We had added some features especially for demo purposes. When we showed that the speakers did not talk about the importance of that features.
• The UI was very simple, unlike the jazzy stuff shown by others. Packaging is more important than the product itself.
Huh...we lost.

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