Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Witty laloo in action

Its election time again. This time in Bihar. The debates and controversies have already started. I am enjoying it. The biggest showman of Indian politics Laloo Yadav is in full action already within 2 days of the announcement of election dates. The latest controversy is regarding the STAR NEWS clipping which showed Laloo distributing Rs 100 and Rs 500 notes to the poor women. This seems to be against the code of conduct laid by the election commission of India. Every party does this behind the cameras. During the last elections, some people died in Lucknow in a free saree distribution ceremony organized by BJP. EC did not care to take any action. Now why is this made a big issue? Laloo’s dialogue was very good. >“Thank God, I was caught on camera giving money, not taking it”. What a shot to the Tehelka tainted guys.
If these witty statements could solve problems, Bihar would have been a no problem state!
Expect more from this guy in the next 2 months.

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