Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Positive from negative

I am not talking about the surge in share prices! I am justifying Bangalore's bad infrastructure.
I had written about my aunt losing her golden chain. My house and my aunt house lie on either side of the ring road in the same area within a radius of 1 km. There has been no chain thefts in my area, whereas there have been more than 4 such incidents near my aunt's place. Why is this?
My aunt's place is a pure residential area, with most of the houses occupied by the upper middle class people. The roads are smooth and there are fewer shops.
My area has lots of small shops like bakeries, condiments, grocery shops etc. The road (we call it a road because once upon a time it was a very good road!) is full of potholes. People don’t follow any kind of rules. Pedestrians are ignorant of something called the footpath which is covered with heaps of stones, mud and even filth sometimes. The rusty (no) parking signs have Devegowda's pictures stuck on them. Thanks to all these things, traffic is at snail's pace. Blood pressure will surge if you drive in the roads here. Now how can a thief rob anybody in such an area and flee on his bike at 60kmph?
Crime rates are down because of roads.
The Bangalore mayor should quote this and justify the inaction to improve the roads and infrastructure of Bangalore.
Hope the mayor, Premji and Narayana murthy are reading this ;-)

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