Thursday, December 16, 2004

"No model" advertisings

How many TV advertisements are there which do not have a model? I consider animals and cartoons as models. At the max - a handful.
Recently, I saw a beautiful advertisement on TV which doesn’t have a model. This is the advertisement of an undie (Frenchie X to be precise). A panty which is put for drying just flies and flies and finally comes and settles down next to Frenchie X which is again put for drying somewhere else. Finally, the caption appears “Makes a big impact”. Super adv.
It may be a copy from the Axe affect ads, where the females are attracted to the males. But the way it is shown really makes a big impact.
I see a good ad on TV after the days of Hutch’s dog and boy show. Somehow there is lack of innovation in this area. Companies just pour money on stars instead of some good stuff. Yesterday ING put an ad in one of the channels. The ad starts with a dog trying to catch its tail and ends with the dog still trying to catch its tail. The caption “Why try hard to get your own money? Invest with ING.” (The words may not be exact, but this was the meaning conveyed). This is an example of another good campaign.
There are other no model ads. Buy 2 soaps and another soap box jumps in, saying that it’s free.
This is an example of stupid modeless ads.
Now what am I trying to write here? Huh...

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