Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Foxes can’t trick crows

I remember a story which was told to me during my first days in school (LKG). I am sure lot of people would remember this as well. The story went like this.
There is a crow sitting on tree with a piece of cake in its mouth. A fox saw this crow and wanted to get the piece of cake from the crow. The fox hit upon a sly plan. It said “Dear Crow, I have heard that you are a very good singer. I want to hear a song from you.” The crow swelled its chest in pride and thought that this was a genuine appreciation. It opened the mouth to start a song. The piece of cake fell down and the fox took it away. And so the crow was tricked.

Yesterday, I had a look into my niece’s LKG story book. The story has now changed. The part till the fox asking for the crow to sing remains the same. Then kahani mein twist. The crow takes the cake piece from the mouth to the legs. Then it starts singing. The fox’s trick failed and had to go back disappointed.

Actually my niece told me this story and I was about to say her that she was wrong. Then I decided to check in her story book. She was correct.
I did not understand the reason behind the change in the story, but it is a welcome change.

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