Monday, December 27, 2004

Tsunami sucks

South India was rattled by something known as tsunami. Thousands have died and hundreds are missing. There is very less news trickling from Andaman. If Tamil Nadu was hit so hard, then what about Andaman? Islands would have been submerged.
I heard in Kannada news that some parts of Bangalore also experienced mild tremors. Nobody in my area experienced anything.
Indonesia and SriLanka will take months or years to come back to lively life.
If the tsunami had hit the west coast, my native village would have been washed away. There were some high tides there too. My grandma is in Bangalore now. She getting tense and wants to rush back home. A home in which she lived for 60+ yrs. Neighbors have assured her that everything is safe there over phone.
I have lots of friends in Chennai. I am not able to reach them for whatever reasons. But I think all of them are safe.
Whenever there is such a tragedy, I try to look for pictures of the tragedy. May be that’s a sadistic feeling...Anyway I found a few old tsunami pictures.

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