Friday, December 10, 2004


I found this software yesterday on Google.
What is this all about?
You have an image of say Mother Teresa of the size of a post card. You want an enlarged version (say a picture of size 2ft by 4ft) of this picture for hanging on your room wall. Give this file as input to this software and set the size you want. It gives you a pdf file as output. This file will have only dots (diameter of which you can set in the software) of black and white (there’s a color option as well). Take a printout of this pdf and arrange to get a big enlarged version of Mother Teresa.
So this tool splits and enlarges the image. View the gallery in the site. Some really amazing pictures are present. I tried with the picture of Mickey Mouse. It's super.
I felt that this tool is particularly useful to make some stage settings for plays.

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