Thursday, December 09, 2004

Jogging to the cab-stop

I am mostly an early to bed and early to raise guy. Sleep at 10:30pm (if work permits) and get up at 5:45am - 6am. And I don’t need an alarm for this. But this winter has been different. I am not able to wake up till 6:30am. The darkness inside the room just doesn’t let my eyes open. The bed sheet and the warm woolen rug protect my body from the coolness of the December winter. All this are factors I feel. But that affects my morning activities. The remaining processes are getting delayed. I have to read the newspaper, watch "Headlines Today" and eat my breakfast all simultaneously. After doing all this I still have to jog to my cab stop to catch the 1st shuttle to office. So getting up late is making me healthy! Haha...

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