Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Junk packed as "Ocean's 12"

"What a pathetic movie!"...This was the expression of all of the guys in the group when we walked out of the show. This movie seemed to be an insult to Ocean's 11.
Why is it so bad?

  • The 11 guys don’t have a role to play in the robbery this time. Their "skills" are of no use.

  • The supposed to be comedy scene involving Bruce Wills and Julia doesn’t bring a faint smile on your face forget laughter.

  • There is no hep robbery. The robbery finally is like a pickpocket. This looks stupid escpecially after the sophisticated robbery in Ocean's 11.

  • The story is a big drag and is of no significance. The robbery has been done 6 days before the actual planned robbery. Now I don’t understand the reason for this.

The director has just attempted to cash in on the fame of the previous version. If it was not named "Ocean's 12", this movie would have been another English movie in the drain.

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