Monday, December 13, 2004

Habba on MG Road

I had been to the "Bengalooru habba" on the MG Road yesterday. The pavement was filled with stalls. There were some colleges apart from the businessmen, who had set up stalls and selling some goods. Surprisingly there were fewer food stalls.

All through the pavement there were artists sitting and drawing portraits of people who had the patience to sit opposite to those guys for 15-20 mins. How talented and lucky these guys are! Can you imagine beautiful girls sitting opposite to you for 15 mins and just stare at you eye to eye. And with mouth shut ;-). One deserves that experience if one is talented as these painters. There were guys who made caricatures also. One amazing guy made small clay faces of people who sat in front of him.

Denser crowd was seen near the fashion accessories stalls. There were handloom stalls. One stall sold earrings, bracelets and rings made from sea shells. They were awesome.

Guys were there who wrote the names on a grain of rice. I remembered the one grain my father got as a present from his friend back in the 70s. Dad had preserved it with great care, until I spoilt it when I was young. Now I realize the mistake and its value. It had a flower and my parents’ names written on it. Some things can never be got back.

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