Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bidappa , drugs and so on..

Prasad Bidappa, fashion designer from Bangalore was recently arrested in Dubai for carrying 1.6 gms of marijuana. Laws regarding drugs are very strict in Saudi and as a result of this, Bidappa is in the detention centre (call it prison) in Al Rashidiya district of Dubai.

Some Indian newspapers are somehow is trying to glorify this fellow....I don't understand for what are they doing it? Times carries some interview with some fashion guru who in someway tries to prove that Bidappa is not wrong. Bidappa's family say that he is ignorant and not a drug addict, somebody has shoved in some packet inside his baggage somehow. Bloody hell - stop this "something, somehow" stuff. One so called eminent person goes on to say that Bidappa was just unlucky to get caught. I would consider the statement as an insult to the law abiding Dubai police. If I was in the Dubai police dept and heard this statement, I would have showed how unlucky could unlucky be. It’s almost 2 weeks since Bidappa was caught red-handed. Sadly some diplomatic efforts will be on to get him out and he may get out too.

Drugs are common in the high society parties in India. This is not the first case of a high society person getting involved in drugs and stuff like that. But people get out scot-free in India. It's a lucky thing that Prasad was caught in Dubai. This should serve as a warning to all those film stars (who are known for having affection to narcotics) who frequent Saudi for their dance shows. India should bring in strict laws to curb narcotics.

Drugs are rampant in colleges too. I have interacted closely with some guys in my college who were regular on grass. As humans, they are no different from people like me(who don’t smoke or take drugs), but they are notorious when they are drugged. This could lead to disastrous situations like unsafe sex. That’s when they become a burden to the society and the society looks them differently and so they are driven to drugs again. The high society drug parties are different in some way, because people here take drugs as it is a matter of prestige for them. Whatever is the reason, its no secret that there is no advantage in any sense to take drugs! So why take drugs?

I can hear (rather love to hear) Prasad Bidappa screaming in pain at the Dubai police "Dammayya anthini....drugs thagolalla...BIDAPPA".

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